Business profile

Odlewnia Zawiercie Spółka Akcyjna manufactures malleable cast iron fittings and machine castings made on a special order from the following types of cast iron:

  • malleable cast iron,
  • weldable cast iron,
  • ductile cast iron.

The company can produce more than 600 standard fittings for water, central heating and gas systems:

  • dimensions: from 1/4 to 4.

It also produces cooperative castings made of whiteheart malleable, weldable, vermicular and ductile cast iron. Customers and buyers:

  • automotive industry,
  • power engineering,
  • mining industry,
  • machine industry,
  • railway engineering.

Odlewnia Zawiercie also provides the services:

  • laboratory testing,
  • chemical analysis of the cast iron scrap, steel and zinc scrap (spectral analysis),
  • strength and metallographic tests,
  • determining the properties of materials and moulding compounds,
  • measurements,
  • testing of the control and measurement equipment,
  • hot dip zinc coating of castings,
  • mechanical working (1/4 – 4 threading).