Analytical Laboratories Department performs:

  • testing of production materials delivered to the company,
  • testing for the needs of production process and its control,
  • testing of finished products,
  • analysis of the cast iron chemical composition,
  • analysis of the digestive fluid and fluxing agent,
  • analysis of composition of the melting furnace atmosphere.

Environmental Protection Laboratory performs:

  • physio-chemical analyses of water and waste water.

Materials Delivery and Strength Laboratory performs:

  • testing of materials and tools supplied for production,
  • testing of steel scrap supplies,
    • Rm Tensile Strength,
    • A Elongation,
    • HB Durability Hardness,
    • Impact Resistance,
  • durability tests of electrical power equipment.

Metallographic Laboratory:

  • defines microstructures on casted strength samples and in finished products,
  • makes photographic documentation of metallographic microsections,
  • describes the structures of tested cast iron types.

Measurement Laboratory performs:

  • measurements and testing of control and measurement equipment,
  • measurements of supplied production tools,
  • measurements of new or reconditioned casting and machining tooling,
  • measurements of products in accordance with the acceptance conditions agreed with the customer and dimensional control measurements,
  • control measurements of zinc coating thickness.