Today, the foundry complies with “3 x E” rule




  • Guaranteed high quality of products.
  • Experienced and qualified personnel.
  • Wide product range.
  • Modern, environmentally friendly technologies.

Modernized machinery, incl.:

Induction melting plant

Precision Foundry

Production Technology: LOST WAX METHOD – characterized by high precision of surface mapping which significantly reduces the cost of machining, and thus, energy consumption. Castings made in our Foundry are the most cost-beneficial precision castings on the market.

Odlewnia dzis

LAEMPE Core-making Machines

Laboratories equipped with spectrometer

New Investments

Danish DISAMATCH 24/28 / Moulding Line

Advantages of the new line:

  • high precision and stable dimensions
  • satisfactory moulding speed in relation to the size of moulds
  • high quality of castings surface

STEM suspension shot-blasting machine

Advantages of the new line:

  • components to be blasted: ductile and grey cast iron castings
  • castings dimensions: 250×250×250mm
  • weight of the blasted castings: 18kg
  • capacity: 600 tones/month, work on 3 shifts/day

DMG Mori CNC Machine Tools

Two CNC Turning Lathes

Name: DMG MORI NLX 2500/700

Manufacture year: 2015

Turning diameter: 366mm

Turning length: 700mm

Head: 12 driven positions

Electro spindle: 15 kW const.

Two CNC horizontal centers

Name: DMG MORI NHX4000

Manufacture year: 2015

Tray: 400x400mm

Spindle: 15,000 rpm, power: 18.5 kW const.

Max weight of a detail: 400kg

Carl Zeiss coordinate measuring machine